Excellence hub in green technologies: Introducing innovation ecosystems in the Mediterranean food value chain.

EXCEL4MED is a project funded by the European Union, as part of the call HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ACCESS-04, which aspires to create an Excellence Hub in the Mediterranean fruit supply chains. It is a cross-border project between Greece, Malta and France that aims to identify high-impact strategies and establish lines of resilience for producers, processors, consumers, and policymakers. This will be achieved considering agility, adaptability, and alignment within the four domains of business, collaboration, sourcing, and knowledge management.

Overall, EXCEL4MED will propose an adaptive capability in the Mediterranean supply chain to prepare for novel food waste valorisation strategies, production of added value fruit products following a holistic commerce, and the implementation of green innovation technological methodologies within a Quadruple Helix concept. EXCEL4MED will develop and demonstrate the solution in Mediterranean high-value perishable food supply chains: pomegranate and citrus fruits. As a key aspect of the EXCEL4MED project will be to disseminate this solution to end-users and organising training courses for stakeholders. EXCEL4MED will also be contributing to the Farm to Fork Strategy and the European Green Deal by aiming to make Mediterranean fruit supply chains resilient, ensuring sustainability in the eastern Mediterranean through the Excellence Hub.


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