Excel4Med at Farmers Market Ta’ Qali!


Thank you for joining us at the Farmers Market! Where information was shared about Excel4Med, a project focused on the production of nutritious food products and the valorization of food industrial side-streams. We thank everyone who attended, as well as the farmers for providing fresh, local oranges and pomegranates. Thanks also goes to The Malta Chamber for their participation.

Pitkalija Outlet Project – call for VOs to manage outlet

Pitkalija Outlet Project

MCVS is collaborating with the Malta Food Agency and Aġenzija Sapport to offer a new business opportunity to a voluntary organisation/s. The venture involves managing a commercial outlet at the Pitkalija market to sell unsold produce to domestic buyers.
Interested? More information and to register for an info meeting click here.
Deadline to express your interest is Friday 17th November at noon. In case of any queries contact [email protected].

World Food Day 2023

World Food Day 2023

This year, as part of the global observance of World Food Day, the Malta Food Agency is proud to align itself with the FAO’s chosen theme: “Water is life, water is food: leave no one behind.”

In collaboration with Skola Sajf, we organised an inspiring poster competition that garnered participation from over 800 students aged 3 and above.

In addition, teaming up with the Office of the Speaker of the House allowed us to showcase a curated selection of these remarkable posters alongside an array of exquisite local artisanal food products.

New branding for the Farmers Market.

New Branding Farmers Market

The Farmers Market offers a consumer market platform where they have the opportunity to buy local fresh produce direct from the local farmer, fisherman and food producers.

We are continuously working to further improve and strengthen the Farmers Market. With the launch of the branding, we are seeing a new logo and more organisation at our Farmers Markets, where sellers will now be in uniform, which will be giving the Farmers Market an identity to be able to promote it on an international scale.

At the Farmers Market we find a vast selection of fresh local food products including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish as well as artisanal products amongst others.

New Branding Farmers Market
New Branding Farmers Market
New Branding Farmers Market

Foodathon 2023

Foodathon 2023

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? A chance to make a real impact on the world’s food systems while collaborating with brilliant minds from different continents? If you don’t know it yet, Foodathon is an incredible opportunity for students aged 15 to 18 to come together, innovate, and create solutions that will shape the future of agriculture.

The Foodathon is not just an online event, it’s a journey. A journey where you’ll be joining forces with students from Europe and Africa to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time: sustainability in the agriculture sector. Picture this – you’ll be developing a practical solution that can efficiently boost the sustainability of agriculture, making a real difference in food security and nutrition. This is your chance to be a changemaker!

Register here

Foodathon 2023

Communication with the National Fisheries Cooperative

Regular Communication with Fisheries

We maintain regular communication with the National Fisheries Cooperative to continually enhance and reinforce the processes and services we provide at the Pixkerija fish market.
Thanks to the collaborative effort, involving our dedicated staff, fishermen, agents, buyers, and sellers, enables us to consistently deliver quality and valuable local food products to different markets.

Artificial Intelligence workshop

Artificial Intelligence workshop

We organised and participated in an Artificial Intelligence workshop led by Professor Alexiei Dingli. This workshop provided valuable insights into Artificial Intelligence, triggering insightful conversations about its potential implementation in our operations. Our ongoing commitment to optimization drives us to embrace innovative approaches. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of innovation to better serve our mission of promoting local food and local food producers.

Lampuki at Pixkerija fish market


Today, we welcomed the arrival of the Lampuka at the Pixkerija fish market. The operations at the Pixkerija fish market commence in the early hours of the morning. We extend our appreciation to our dedicated employees, fishermen, Pitkala, and fish sellers for their efficient and meticulous efforts in ensuring the delivery of fresh fish to our tables. Embracing the essence of local cuisine, our commitment remains unwavering in providing the community with fresh and nourishing produce.

The Pixkerija fish market is run and operated by the Malta Food Agency.

Visiting Magro Food Village

A visit to Magro Food Village

We visited the Magro Food Village, where together with Magro Brothers management, we saw how local agricultural products are transformed into different valuable products of quality to be sold in different markets, both locally and internationally.

The Malta Food Agency continues to work hand in hand with local producers to continue to give more value to farmers and fishermen.