We are hiring EU Project Administrator / Coordinator

In relation with the EXCEL4MED, project issued under the Call, Horizon-widera-2022-ACCESS-04, with the length of 48 months from the start of the project, the MFA is issuing a call for an
administrator to manage and coordinate the part related to the Malta Food Agency.

Project name: Excellence hub in green technologies: Introducing innovation ecosystems in the Mediterranean food value chain.
Project Acronym: EXCEL4MED
Key tasks and responsibilities:

To lead the planning and implementation of Project/s by observing and following the Projects’ GANTT chart and any tasks and amendments that my arise along the way.
To keep in line with the aim of the project scope, goals, tasks and deliverables.
To define project tasks and resource departments.
To develop and manage full-scale project plans.
To assemble and coordinate other Project staff with in the Malta Food Agency and to coordinate and work with the projects’ coordinator and other partners on the tasks and the deliverables of the project/s.
To manage Projects’ budget/s and to keep the financial coordinator of the agency abreast of upcoming and held commitments.
To develop and to keep records both soft and hard copies related to the project including the financial records (spreadsheets and financial records and filing).
To develop and mantain a continous relation with the officers responsibleof the EU funded projects within the PDPID of the Ministry (MAFA) and to follow the procedures issued by MAFA with respect to the projects’ management.
To issue and manage the process to subcontract the services/resources required and to follow the Grant Agreement and the procedures in place.
To manage Project resource allocation.
To plan and schedule project timelines.
To track project deliverables using appropriate tools and to prepare progress project/s reports as required by the respective project/s.
To provide direction and support to other stakeholders.
To secure Quality Assurance.
To constantly monitor and report on the progress of the Project to the project
coordinator and all stakeholders as necessary, through the above mentioned
progress reports and presentations.
To present reports defining Project progress, problems, and solutions.
To implement and manage Project amendments and interventions to achieve
Project outputs.
To deliver Project evaluations and assessment of results.
To market and to develop marketing material (through different media) on the
achievements and work held during the projects.
To participate and to represent the Agency in in the events, meetings and other related to the project/s activities both locally and abroad as required.
To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as may be required from time to time by the Senior Coordinator.
This job description may vary from time to time according to the exigencies of the Agency.

Personal competencies:
i. Leadership and management skills
ii. Problem-solving
iii. Decision making
iv. Interpersonal communication
v. Highly responsible
vi. Committed and abides strictly to deadlines
vii. Willingness to remain continuously updated on areas directly related to the field
viii. Attention to detail
ix. Ability to withstand various pressures
x. Team Player
xi. Experience in participating in projects

Qualifications required:
A recognised Bachelor’s qualification at MQF Level 6 (subject to a minimum of 180 ECTS/ECVET credits, or equivalent) in a Science related subject.

Sen your application by 30/03/2023 to: [email protected]

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